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The Christian Mission Series is a collection of three books dedicated to understanding Godís will as disciples of His Son Jesus Christ. Christians and non-Christians are kindly invited to share this journey of faith. These books were initially published through C.S.S. Publishing of Lima Ohio in 2000, and hundreds of softcover paper copies were sent to Christian leaders of many denominations and non-Christian leaders of many faiths and ideologies. Please contact us ( if paper copies cannot be found at online bookstores.††

A Journey into Christian Understanding (ISBN 0-7880-1604-0)

Book one focuses on our salvation through Jesus. By studying the Holy Bible in an integrated manner, we explore what it means to love God, love one another, and participate in Godís wondrous plan as Christians. Through greater understanding, we pray that non-Christians will spiritually awaken to receive Jesusí love.


The first two sections of the book emphasize what we can learn from the teachings and actions of Jesus and His apostles. The second two sections of the book emphasize how we can understand the will of God as revealed through the Old Testament and our responsibility in serving the will of God in being Christians. By the end, the reader will hopefully gain a better understanding of the reason for and meaning of being Christian.

Two Thousand Years with the Word (ISBN 0-7880-1605-9)

Book two explores the first 2000 years of Christian history through the timeline of events and definable periods of change. For each period, the book reveals the ways God has worked with the strengths and weaknesses of Christians to shape the Church and the world for His coming kingdom.


Despite the immature behaviors of some Christians and the works of those who pretend to be Christians, history serves as a testimony of Godís perfect plan for the salvation of mankind through Jesus.


At War with the Armies of Darkness (ISBN 0-7880-1606-7)

Book three formulates strategies in the Christian struggle against the forces of evil. With the power of Jesus and in accordance with Godís will, Christians need to confront evil deceiving our spirits, hindering church efforts, and permeating this world.


This spiritually intense book unravels the nature and workings of evil in a complex world. The reader will delve into specific corruptions within society and the challenges associated with gathering and growing Christians by the will of God. Issues within the Christian churches are addressed in detail and approaches for Christian missionary activities to different non-Christian communities are presented for consideration.†††††

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