Knowledge and Action by the Power of the Holy Spirit††

BOOK 1: Christianity and the Future (ISBN: 978-1-4497-1381-2)

The churches of Christianity have become divided. As dark forces push the world toward the End Times, only Christian unity can bring people to Christ. Christianity and the Future uses a new reference frame for mapping conflicting Christian postures to discover ways to unite Christians, churches, and denominations by resolving divisive topics. Christians can agree upon a common understanding of Godís will, as presented in the Holy Bible and revealed through the Holy Spirit.

The End Times Series is a set of two books designed to warn and prepare Christians for the dangerous days ahead. These books are published through WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, in 2011. Copies of these books are being sent to the heads of Christian organizations across the world. Hardcover and softcover paper copies of these books are further available through and

BOOK 2: Two Beasts Rising (ISBN: 978-1-4497-1385-0)

Two Beasts Rising combines biblical insight with academic research methods to help Christians understand the emergence of global political, scientific, ideological, economic, and social systems. Unless opposed by Christians, these five systems will come under the influence of dark forces, to become the first beast of Revelation and give power to the second beast of Revelation. If the End Times are not delayed, Christians can still triumph under persecution by learning how the beasts will gain power. There is much to do before the return of our Lord.

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